Get up eat a little breakfast or smoothie, Cheak Planner for  what you going to do that is positive Today.  you have been writing everything down lol

Take a moment to give Thanks for Any Love Support and guidance that you may have received from around you !!!gfgf33333

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Arguments & Phones/Communication

Stop And think about what triggers the arguments.
Or is it one big disagreement that keeps on going and is never sorted ouT for us
The rows would start small and quickly escalate when she became rude Looking back now I think I could have been a bit more mature Who is  the Adult here ?When things are getting heated ” Say you dint want to talk to them tight know we can talk again when we have both calmed down”


I set you guys a challenge Try and talk to your teenager child ie about school friends ,interests and if you can understand their mumble you get a gold star lol
If they not as talkative as they normally are don’t push for answer but keep a  eye on this try again later or in a few days
Make it a rule in the House that you want to know where there going and who they going with

from the age of 13 thing started to go wrong with my daughter But last Two years I struggle to find words that are not swearing *&%^$$%>?@:@@
In all Honesty When brought her a i phone It was like she stopped being able to communicate  I Would Try and talk to her some mumbling came out of her mouth On a serious note I think it gave her too much freedom to the outside world
Be very careful about what they are allowed to view in the internet Set the rules and the boundaries  I  completely trusted my daughter I should have paid more attention I told her what I thought was OK  to View she had always been a good girl I checked but not as much as I should Things changes very Quickly and it was for the better




Real Talk

I Think no-one likes to look within themselves and be honest Because the truth hurts Things you have known all along But to acknowledge this you have to deal with it . Make sure you dig deep lol
You need to write the things you are not happy with and that is Holding you back Then write the things you feel you need to Improve with yourself and this will be what you base your Goals around . The reason for writing everything down is so you can keep track and also look back and see what you have achieved. Oh yea so you can’t back track and say something wasnt a goal ..Always remember this Is your Journey ,your dreams You have to be Honest, You won’t be fooling anyone but yourselfBBBBBBBB#KAYZ.H.H.LIFECOACH




ZINChange is a scary place but   `only  youindexJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ.jpeg can  make the move If you are not happy with parts or all of your life Its time to make a decision based on what you want not how or what this make some-one feel like Dont be  worried what others will say .It doesn’t  matter you are going on  your journey to build your dreams to achieve your goal






A  Dark haired man decision-maker, a judge or mediator; has a sharp mind and high intellect; found in many of the professional careers; lives by clear logic and fact; diplomatic and a great communicator; an orator, writer

Dealing with the authorities; facing big decisions; setting boundaries and rules; taking control and man-managing a situation; meeting with a legal expert or facing a legal case

Legal dealings or documents, business meetings, work related issues that involve the HR department If you find yourself having to make a big decision today, think it through first, from every perspective, being fair and just in the process.



9 WANDS Stepping outside of your comfort zone; being in the process of something that makes you feel very uncomfortable but not being able to stop the process; having to see the difficulty or challenge through. These experiences, while seemingly fraught or disturbing in the moment, are character building. Growth in the face of adversity.

As People: Soldiers and the military; protest marchers; activists; security guards and
bodyguards; striking workers; diehards.



When I’m not feeling good or run down my skin really does suffer being very dry so I thought I would share my tips in case anyone has the same problem.

Try not to wash your Face too much the water and soap wont help.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day .I’m not to keen on water so I put it im the freezer so it’s very cold to drink This really help your skin I was well impressed how much better my skin was

Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided.. well really I need at least 2-3 cups in the morning… but I do try as for the  Alcohol  from past experiences lol Dont be worrying about the skin when your mind Is not balanced and you drink it can go all wrong I used to get in a Right pickle so I try to avoid

I know some people’s Eating Patten changes  mine did I stuffed my face But if you are the other way and can’t eat …smoothies or ice cream was going to say some fresh fruit but na I wouldn’t either just eat double when you are better